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About Me

In the past, I have photographed nude singles and couples at swinger parties and such, by request, just for fun using an entry level Canon dslr.  I got some great pictures and learned that I really enjoy helping people realize their sexual fantasies and record the images for them to look back on. 


A few years ago I decided to drop my "real" job and become a professional photographer and focus on erotic adult photography. I upgraded to professional equipment, completed college level classes and went to work on improving my craft. I then setup up an X-rated photo studio in my home and went to work.  I’ve since learned there is a huge market for this type of photography and have been busy ever since!


As I said, I really enjoy helping people realize their fantasies and record them as a memoir for them.  If you have a kink or fetish that you think others might find odd, please don't hesitate to ask.


I’d love to help you make that happen and provide you with some great images to remember it by.

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