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How The Session Works

The first step in creating great images is to make sure you, the model, are relaxed and ready to have fun.  If you are tense or overly nervous, the camera will pick up on it.  So when you arrive there will be no rush or pressure. 


First, I’ll show you around, including the scenes we've discussed shooting.  We’ll re-affirm the scenes and type of pictures you want to have taken.  Once you're comfortable with everything, I’ll snap a few practice shots, fully clothed or in your outfit, so I can adjust the lights and camera to work with your skin tone and the scene.  From here I will take the lead and will direct you much like a fashion photographer directs their model.  The pace at which we go really depends on what scenes and images you’re looking for.  For many people, especially women, we will start with a boudoir scene or the stripper pole.  Again, we’ll start with you in your complete outfit with some sexy and erotic looks.  Once you’re comfortable, we will begin to reveal things and give the camera a peek at the good stuff, eventually working into full nude IF (and only IF!) that’s where you want to go.  Depending on what level you want, we will work into more explicit poses.  At this point you should be comfortable moving into a second scene if you’ve chosen more than one.

Before moving into the second scene we will take a break while I rearrange the lights and tripod. This is also your opportunity to change into a new outfit if you wish. 

Many of the other scenes such as the sex swing and bondage board are typically shot fully nude or close to it.  If this is your second or third scene, you’ll likely be comfortable being naked in front of the camera well before then.  IF you’re just coming in for the sex swing or bondage board you should be prepared to get naked pretty quickly after arrival.

My goal is for you to leave here having enjoyed the experience and looking forward to seeing the images.


The images - Typically I can deliver you the edited images by drop box or on a flash drive ($10 extra to cover the cost of a flash drive) within 2-3 business days of the photo shoot.

Privacy- Many people prefer that i never have a copy of their images and I understand that.  If this is you, I can give you the SD card straight from the camera once we're done.

If you have any further questions regarding the process, please ask. 239-357-0205

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