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Available Scenes

Below are the available scenes for you to choose from at my in-home-studio.  We are not limited to these scenes.  We can shoot outdoors or even create the scene of your fantasy with additional backdrops or props.  We are only limited by your imagination. Note: There may be a surcharge if I have to order props or backdrops. 

When shooting these scenes, I will guide you through every step of the shoot, much like a fashion photographer guides a model to ensure some great images.  You simply relax and enjoy the experience!

In addition to the scenes listed below, I have many props such as boas, blindfolds, masks, cuffs, chains, floggers, paddles, a sex thruster machine and etc. that you are welcome to use.  I add new things all the time so if there is something else you'd like, please just ask.

I am open-minded, non-judgmental and experienced with these sorts of things.  So, if you want a picture of...anything

(legal!), I will shoot it!

Board with Restraints and Chains.jpeg

Bondage Board


This is a completely functional bondage

board complete with restraints, chains, rope, etc.  This scene is typically shot totally nude and suggests submissiveness. Dominate/submissive couples enjoy this pose, but also works well for a singles wishing for images in a submissive state. For singles, I will pose you and chain or tie you for full effect.  

The Bondage Board is often used in conjunction with other scenes such as the Glory Hole or Sex Swing. 

A side note for the ladies:  Posing on your back with hands tied over your head makes your boobs look really good!

Board with Restraints and Chains.jpeg

Jungle Scene


Similar to a typical boudoir set up, a day bed with a leopard skin comforter and a jungle backdrop provide the scene which strives to bring out the animal magnetism within you.  Any outfit that lends itself to jungle girl, native girl or "wild thing" will work.  A sexy cat or tiger outfit (maybe ears and a tail) works very well.  There are two large palm leaves you can pose

with and use to cover you private parts if you choose to do so. 

Many women prefer to begin the scene in a complete outfit and slowly undress for the camera to whatever degree they wish, including fully nude.

Sex Swing.jpeg.jpg

Sex Swing


Think Hustler pictorials.  This is the serious stuff - no costume required.  I can shoot scene this from a full body shot up to a wide angle lens for a close-up of your most personal parts. 

Couples are welcome to play at this game as well!

* A strict 200# weight limit. 



I've turned our den into a Saloon fashioned after those that existed on the San Francisco Barbary Coast in the late 1800s.  It was a hot bed for prostitution, gambling and other such goings on.  

For women, a sexy saloon girl or bartender outfit is great.  Red is a great color and black works well too.  For men, a cowboy, miner or sailor works well.  I love shooting groups in this



Stripper Pole

The Stripper Pole is is erected in the saloon.  As far as outfits go, pretty much anything goes!  The background is black so it's a good idea to stay away from a black or white outfit.  You can either pose on the pole or you can dance and I'll use a flash to capture the motion.


Ladies, treat your man to a striptease and a video to remember it by!


Glory Hole

Going even more hardcore, the Glory Hole appeals to the 'anonymity of sex' side of things.  This set-up can present you in two different ways:

The first presentation is all about 'anticipation'.  You, on your knees, awaiting the thing you've wanted all day. Many outfits or none at all will work here, but your expression of desire is the most important aspect.  


The second presentation is all about 'submission'.  On your knees, naked, handcuffed behind your back and chained to the floor so you can't escape the "next" guy who presents himself. 

Also, we can take this to another level if you are a couple or if you have a male volunteer to pose through the hole for you. 

Can be used in conjunction with a blindfold or masked man scene. 

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