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Yes, I also shoot high quality adult video!  Here are a few things to know about video:


  • Performing in front of the camera can be quite a turn on and/or a lot of fun!  Watching yourself on film can also be quite erotic and a lot of fun!

  • The video is for your private use ONLY.

  • Sex videos usually go much quicker than you anticipate.

  • We will be shooting in real time.  Professional pornos are generally shot over a period of 1 to 3 days with 2 or more cameras, with a director and often with the audio dubbed in after and all heavily edited. So if you’re expecting a video that looks like good porno you’ll likely be disappointed.  That said, I'm willing to spend the time to make a professional level porno movie if your'e will to make the imvestment.

  • You can do your own thing or I can direct you.

  • I often film couples but I also film singles where I will direct you on what to do and you perform for the camera.

  • I can even broadcast the video live via internet if you'd like to preform for someone who isn't around.


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